Starting February 24, 2017

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A trip to Sardinia that starts in Cagliari where he will return at the end for the Feast of Saint Efisio. We’ll start with the discovery of the mystery of the Giants of Monte Prama then gain advantages on the territory and in the stories of Barbagia land rich in culture and archeology shepherds. We will reach the island Sant’Antioco island, to meet the last priestess of the sea, Chiara Vigo, who knows the secret of fine linen, and how to work it. We will arrive in the Sulcis, an open-air museum of industrial archeology and then in Sinis with its pristine beaches.
In this journey to the gastronomy also it will help us to discover the nuances and richness of colors, scents and flavors that make it a prime goal the Sardinian culture. The trip ends in Cagliari on May 1 with the great Feast of Saint Efisio, a party that is repeated continuously for 361 years to fulfill a vow made to the Holy by municipalities hit by the plague. Sant’Efisio saved Cagliari and Sardinia by the epidemic, and this has become the saint par excellence of Sardinian solves problems, especially those of health. The festival is impressive: parading about 2600 people, with traditional costumes of almost all countries of Sardinia, worn with pride identity by women, men, old, young and children. A riot of colors, songs, prayers. Then the horses, over 250. Finally, accompanied by the sound of launeddas, Sardinian musical instrument dating back to the Nuraghic, comes Efisio, wearing the clothes of celebration and happy smiles, from his golden chariot, the Sardinian people cheering. A magic charm intact


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