From November 14, 2016 al 15 November 2016

Travel in the soul of an island

Unusual Sardinia. The desire to discover and make it easily accessible places, traditions, knowledge about the history of our island, usually treasure of the lucky few. The tour that we propose will lead us this time in Mandrolisai. Two intense days and varied: we continue our journey to discover the lesser known archaeological sites in Sardinia as the alignment of Menhirs arise and the sacred area of Gremanu in Fonni. We will participate in the event “Open Cellars” in Atzara after we give yourself a break of relaxation and contact with nature in the oasis of faonistica Donnortei. Will accompany us on this journey archaeologist Nicholas Dessi that will help us to consolidate our knowledge not only slla prehistory and history of Sardinia, but also on the different subterritori of our island

November 14, 2016

Departure at 7:30 for Fonni. Visit the archaeological sites of Madau and Gremanu in the territory of Fonni. the first site consists of four tombs of the giants Nuragic age in discrete storage conditions. A few kilometers away is the Gremanu archaeological site is one of the most important Templar areas nuragic. The site is made downstream from a large hut, a megaron temple and a large sacred enclosure. Upstream are present three sacred wells and a tub for washing. Quick lunch in the farm Donnortei.

November 15, 2016

Day dedicated to the discovery of the territory of Sorgono characterized by numerous archaeological sites of nuragic and pre-nuragic. The flower eyelet is certainly the Bir’e concas site, surrounded by magnificent forest of oaks and cork trees. With over 200 menhirs aligned, it can be considered as the megalithic site prenuragico most important in Sardinia. We will also visit Protonuraghe thatese building before the construction of the nuraghi of at least two centuries and the church of San Mauro, with the characteristic houses of pilgrims called “cumbessias”. Lunch at the farm. In the afternoon we will move to Atzara a typical authentic village which by its beauty can be defined as a “town-museum”. The hotel’s beautiful scenery attracted many painters from different European countries. The most famous fù Spaniard Antonio Ortiz Echague that left numerous works to the country that hosted him for several years. At the moment the museum is an ongoing exhibition of Antonio Corriga. Sunday is expected to Atzara the event “Open Cellars” at the end of the visits we will be free to stroll in the streets of the country to enjoy the various initiatives undertaken by the municipality. After the visit return to Cagliari. End of services

Participation fee from 175 EURO